Our History

On Sunday, April 8, 1990, also fitly known as the Sunday of Palms, a man of God heard the voice of God and felt the call upon him to exercise his faith to start a work for the Lord. This man of God, Elder Charlie L. Plummer, brought into reality the words of one of his fitly spoken messages, “Launch Out Into the Deep,” when he began a work that became known as “The True Apostolic Church.”

With the Lord Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone, The True Apostolic Church began with the following members: Elder Plummer and his wife, the late Evangelist Flossie L. Plummer; his son, Minister James H. Plummer, and family; his daughters, Sharon, Lois, Deborah, Mary, Esther, Eunice, and Brenda with their respective families; Missionary Lucille Bratcher; Deacon Clarence E. Harris, Jr. and family; Brother Alphonso L. Bratcher and family; Missionary Fannie Twilley; Brother George Twilley and family; Brother Gilbert Jenkins and family; Sister Denise Majette and daughter; and Brother Daryl Tate.

Morning Star #4, located on Larchmont Avenue in Capitol Heights, MD, was the site for the opening service. This service had special meaning because it was one of freedom, victory, and praise. Just as Miriam led the children of Israel in songs of victory after crossing the Red Sea, Brother Alphonso Bratcher led the congregation in the victory song, “Step by Step, We’ll Make This Journey,” which later became the theme song for the church.

The church, looking unto the Lord for guidance, began its search for a permanent facility in which to worship. As the words of the song echoed in our hearing, “The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow,” the Lord allowed for a temporary stop at the Iconium Baptist Church on Central Avenue. We had to move when new owners purchased the building, but that did not stop our zeal to worship the Lord.

The next stop on the road to victory occurred at the Cheverly, MD Howard Johnson’s Washington Room from May to September 1990. Cooper Lane Academy, located in Landover Hills, MD, became the fourth stop on the journey. There from September 1990 to November 1992, the church set up camp to receive a fresh anointing. Many souls seeking salvation went down in Jesus’ name, and God filled them with His Spirit. The Lord continued to add souls to this assembly.

In November 1992, the church purchased the building located at 6811 F Street, Seat Pleasant, MD, and it became our home. As the Lord provided, the church completed two major renovations to the building. Many ministries were birthed at the F Street location.

After 10 years, we began to outgrow the place we called “home.” Elder James Plummer, now the Pastor of True Apostolic, endeavoring to bring to reality the vision that God had given him, began to lead the church on its second journey. This journey began at the Mary H. Plummer Elementary School, Washington, DC, in May 2002.

In July 2004, the Lord allowed the church to move into the facility in which you now sit. Once again, we know that much work is before us, but we also know that the Lord is a provider and the source of our strength. This place will birth new ministries, and others will blossom into full bloom. The first phase of the renovation, which consists of the prayer chapel, is nearly complete. Prayerfully, renovation of this site will be complete in a few years.

In July 2010, the Lord allowed us to move to 4315 41st Street, Brentwood, MD.

In November 2017, we moved three doors down to our current location at 4319 41st Street, Brentwood, MD.

From March 2020 until September 2020, we were not open due to the COVID 19 pandemic. All sermons were live on YouTube.

In September 2021, we re-opened on the 4th Sunday in September.

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