Our Founder

District Elder Charles L. Plummer

“Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day…” Acts 26:22


A native of Warrenton, North Carolina, Elder Plummer relocated to the Washington, DC area in 1945. A few years after establishing himself in the area, he was baptized in the name of Jesus by the late Elder Horace Temple and received the Holy Ghost at the Way Back to Pentecost Church. Elder Plummer continued under the leadership of the late Elder Horace Temple until his death. Before his death, he appointed Elder Plummer and two Associate Elders to continue the leadership as co-pastors. After the death of Elder Temple, Elder Plummer continued to co-pastor at the Way Back to Pentecost Church for nineteen years. While attending The Way Back to Pentecost Church, Elder Plummer served as a Deacon in his early saved life. He also served as President of the Brotherhood Department and a Sunday School teacher.

In 1990 District Elder Plummer was commissioned by the Lord to establish the True Apostolic Church, Inc. (an affiliate of the PAW). District Elder Plummer pastored the True Apostolic Church from April 1990 until June 1999. At this time, the mantle was passed to his son, Elder James Plummer, who had assisted him in the previous years. As the Pastor Emeritus, District Elder Plummer continued to serve in the capacity of preaching, teaching, advising, and as a board member until 2008.

Elder Plummer was ordained as Elder by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, PAW, in 1966. He was elevated in the DC, Delaware, and Maryland District Council to District Elder in 1996. District Elder Plummer served as an advisor to the Christian Education Department in the DC, Delaware, and Maryland District Council from 1996-to 2008. He was also on the advisory board of consultants that prepared the Operation and Procedural Manual of the DC, Delaware, and Maryland District Council of the PAW, Inc.

District Elder Plummer also founded and directed the Manna Food Ministry that serviced the TAC members and the community. District Elder Plummer served in this ministry for approximately 16 years.

Together with his wife, the late Evangelist Flossie Ann Plummer, District Elder Plummer managed to raise a beautiful family of eight offspring (seven daughters and one son) in a holy lifestyle and instructed them in the way of holiness. All eight children are baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and have received the Holy Ghost. In addition to the eight, there are seven sons/daughters-in-law, of which some of them followed the leadership of District Elder Plummer. He is the grandfather of 25 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, of which many of them have been baptized in Jesus’ name and several have received the gift of the Holy Ghost.